His Daily Guiding Hand – M. Joseph Brough

Brother M. Joseph Brough – Second Counselor in the Young Men General Presidency spoke of some of the ways that Heavenly Father guides us through life.

Heavenly Father knows what you and I need better than anyone else. As a result, He has developed a personal care package suited to each one of us.

Some of the components of this personal care package for each of us contain the following:
• God’s commandments – “in this there is safety and peace”
• The scriptures
• Prayer
• The Holy Ghost
• Goodly parents
• Priesthood leaders
• The Savior Jesus Christ

He further outlined some counsel for parents and leaders of young people
1. Be with them
2. Connect them with Heaven
3. Let them lead

For the full text : His Daily Guiding Hand – M. Joseph Brough

What elements from your God’s personal care package for you have blessed your life?
We would love to hear of your experiences.